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BISAC Subject Headings List, Art
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Note: If you need to download and incorporate this list into your databases and systems, click here to obtain an End Users' License Agreement. If you can't find the code you're looking for please go back and review other Major Subjects to find an alternate code or use our Contact Form to suggest revisions to the next version of the list.

Step 2: Determine the specific term which describes your book. An asterisk (*) denotes a heading that is new for the 2015 Edition.


Use subjects in this section for historical works or for works discussing technique from a fine art (as opposed to craft) viewpoint.  For works about collecting art or art objects, use subjects in the ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES section.  For works discussing technique from a craft viewpoint, use subjects in the CRAFTS & HOBBIES section.  For works on general principles of design that can be applied to various disciplines (such as art, architecture, crafts, and technology), use subjects in the DESIGN section.

Use subjects beginning with "ART / Techniques" for works on the techniques involved within a given discipline and use subjects beginning with "ART / History" for works consisting largely of reproductions of artworks and/or works on the history of art.  Be aware that some disciplines have an unsubdivided term and a related term beginning with "ART / Techniques" (e.g., "ART / Sculpture & Installation" and "ART / Techniques / Sculpting"). In these cases, the unsubdivided term should be used for pictorials and works on the history of that discipline and not for books on technique.

Subjects beginning with "ART / Subjects & Themes" are generally meant to be used for works discussing and/or illustrating the subjects and themes specified; however, these subjects can also be assigned to works on the techniques used to produce art depicting these subjects and themes.  If a subject beginning with "ART / Subjects & Themes" is used in this way, it is recommended that a subject beginning with "ART / Techniques" be assigned as well.

Subjects beginning with "ART / History" may be used for works on the history of Western or non-Western art. The fact that some subjects beginning with "ART / History" only apply to Western art does not mean that all subjects beginning with "ART / History" only apply to Western art.  Subjects such as "ART / African", "ART / Canadian" or "ART / European" can also be assigned, and should especially be assigned when this information is not implied by an "ART / History" subject.

Use "ART / Color Theory" for theoretical works on color and use "ART / Techniques / Color" for practical works on techniques for using color in art.

ART000000 ART / General

ART015010 ART / African

ART015020 ART / American / General

ART038000 ART / American / African American

ART039000 ART / American / Asian American

ART040000 ART / American / Hispanic American

ART / Animation see PERFORMING ARTS / Animation

ART054000 ART / Annuals

ART037000 ART / Art & Politics

ART019000 ART / Asian / General

ART019010 ART / Asian / Chinese *

ART019020 ART / Asian / Indian & South Asian *

ART019030 ART / Asian / Japanese *

ART042000 ART / Australian & Oceanian

ART / Basic Techniques see headings under Techniques

ART055000 ART / Body Art & Tattooing

ART / Book DesignseeDESIGN / Book

ART043000 ART / Business Aspects

ART015040 ART / Canadian

ART044000 ART / Caribbean & Latin American

ART045000 ART / Ceramics

ART006000 ART / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions / General

ART006010 ART / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions / Group Shows

ART006020 ART / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions / Permanent Collections

ART007000 ART / Color Theory

ART008000 ART / Conceptual

ART056000 ART / Conservation & Preservation

ART / Costume Design see DESIGN / Textile & Costume

ART009000 ART / Criticism & Theory

ART / Design see headings under DESIGN

ART046000 ART / Digital

ART / Exhibitions see headings under Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions

ART015030 ART / European

ART057000 ART / Film & Video

ART013000 ART / Folk & Outsider Art

ART / Furniture Design see DESIGN / Furniture

ART061000 ART / Glass *

ART058000 ART / Graffiti & Street Art

ART015000 ART / History / General

ART015050 ART / History / Prehistoric & Primitive

ART015060 ART / History / Ancient & Classical

ART015070 ART / History / Medieval

ART015080 ART / History / Renaissance

ART015090 ART / History / Baroque & Rococo

ART015120 ART / History / Romanticism

ART015100 ART / History / Modern (late 19th Century to 1945)

ART015110 ART / History / Contemporary (1945-)

ART016000 ART / Individual Artists / General

ART016010 ART / Individual Artists / Artists' Books

ART016020 ART / Individual Artists / Essays

ART016030 ART / Individual Artists / Monographs

ART / Latin American see Caribbean & Latin American

ART047000 ART / Middle Eastern

ART017000 ART / Mixed Media

ART / Museum Administration & Museology see BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Museum Administration & Museology

ART059000 ART / Museum Studies

ART041000 ART / Native American

ART / Oceanian see Australian & Oceanian

ART / Oriental see headings under Asian

ART060000 ART / Performance

ART023000 ART / Popular Culture

ART048000 ART / Prints

ART / Product Design see DESIGN / Product

ART062000 ART / Public Art *

ART025000 ART / Reference

ART049000 ART / Russian & Former Soviet Union

ART026000 ART / Sculpture & Installation

ART027000 ART / Study & Teaching

ART050000 ART / Subjects & Themes / General

ART050050 ART / Subjects & Themes / Erotica

ART050010 ART / Subjects & Themes / Human Figure

ART050020 ART / Subjects & Themes / Landscapes & Seascapes

ART050030 ART / Subjects & Themes / Plants & Animals

ART050040 ART / Subjects & Themes / Portraits

ART035000 ART / Subjects & Themes / Religious

ART050060 ART / Subjects & Themes / Science Fiction & Fantasy

ART028000 ART / Techniques / General

ART031000 ART / Techniques / Acrylic Painting

ART002000 ART / Techniques / Airbrush

ART003000 ART / Techniques / Calligraphy

ART004000 ART / Techniques / Cartooning

ART051000 ART / Techniques / Color

ART010000 ART / Techniques / Drawing

ART052000 ART / Techniques / Life Drawing

ART018000 ART / Techniques / Oil Painting

ART020000 ART / Techniques / Painting

ART021000 ART / Techniques / Pastel Drawing

ART033000 ART / Techniques / Pen & Ink Drawing

ART034000 ART / Techniques / Pencil Drawing

ART024000 ART / Techniques / Printmaking

ART053000 ART / Techniques / Sculpting

ART029000 ART / Techniques / Watercolor Painting

ART / Textile Design see DESIGN / Textile & Costume

ART / VideoseeFilm & Video


If your title does not have subject content, i.e. a blank book, please use the Non-Classifiable term below. Otherwise, use the Subject/General term in the closest descriptive area. NON000000 NON-CLASSIFIABLE

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