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Metadata Committee
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BISG's Metadata Committee oversees the development and maintenance of the ONIX for Books standard in the U.S. market. The committee suggests changes to the ONIX standard and its code lists, on behalf of the U.S. In addition, the committee acts as a forum for its members to discuss current issues in ONIX and metadata in general, sharing ideas and solutions across a broad spectrum of companies, including both data senders and recipients.

In addition to other ongoing work, the Committee published and maintains the Best Practices for Product Metadata: Guide for North American Data Senders and Receivers through regular updates. The most recent version of the document is available for download here

Metadata Committee Chair: Richard Stark, Barnes & Noble

Committee Working Groups

Product Data Certification Working Group 

The Product Data Certification Working Group launched in November 2015. The working group is charge wtih developing a new ONIX data certification program using the new BISG Biblioshare site's certification engine, and the Product Metadata Best Practices as the foundation for the certification ruleset. BISG plans to implement the new program and launch it to the industry in spring 2016. 

Product Data Certification Working Group Co-Chairs: Tom Richardson, BookNetCanada and Margaret Harrison, Ingram Content Group 

ONIX 3.0 Implementation Working Group 

The ONIX 3.0 Implementation working group is responsible for developing tools to assist the US book industry's transition from ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0, including the ONIX 3.0 Implementation Grid, first published in June 2015 and upated in November 2015. Further to this publication, the group will focus on developing educational programs to encourage adoption and ease implementation of ONIX 3.0. 

ONIX 3.0 Implementation Working Group Chair: Chris Saynor, Onixsuite/ GiantChair Working Group

The Working Group is focused on identifying relationships between key ONIX elements and for enhanced discoverability of books in web browsers, and creating an ONIX to mapping to facilitate the ability to repurpose this metadata. Working Group Chair: Graham Bell, EDItEUR.

Keywords Working Group (Dormant)

The Keywords Working Group is responsible for publishing and updating the Best Practices for Keywords in Metadata, a guide for data providers and recipients detailing how to incorporate keywords into ONIX metadata to enhance book discovery. The guide was first published in May 2014 and is availabe for free download here. The working group is currently dormant. 

Keywords Working Group Chair: Jenny Bullough, Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.

Common Core Working Group (Dormant)

In June 2014, the Common Core Working Group published the Recommendations for Citing Common Core State Standards in ONIX, which describes how to use ONIX metadata to describe Common Core-aligned publications, as well as suggestions for changes to ONIX for better citation of Common Core-aligned texts. The document has since been revised and updated to include broader recommendations for citing educational standards and objectives by the Educational Taxonomy Working Group. The working group is currently dormant.

Common Core Working Group Chair: Patricia Payton, Bowker



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