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Authors & Agents
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One of the segments of the book eco-system that BISG serves is authors and literary agents publishers. We have literary agents represented on our Rights Committee, and always welcome new members or current education publishers members to join any of our other committees.


Committees & Working Groups of Interest for Education Publishers

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Join the committee here (option for members only, if you'd like to join BISG please go here).  

Through its Rights Committee, BISG develops, maintains and advocates industry-wide best practices designed to support the standardized electronic transmission of a defined set of rights information between trading partners, now and in the future. 

Following a brief hiatus in 2013 and early 2014, BISG organized a Rights Summit in June 2014 to reassess BISG's role in mitigating issues in the discovery, management, and licensing of rights in the book industry through the work of the Rights Committee. The outcome of the Summit is summarized in this white paper. Slides from the Summit are freely available here

The Committee was reconstituted in December 2014, and is currently focused on research to determine the value of and specific needs for a set of standards or best practices for improved rights management, discovery, communications and transactions. 

Committee Chair: Ashley Mabbitt, Director of International Rights, John Wiley & Sons

Committee Working Groups

Rights Standards Working Group

Join the working group here (option for members only, if you'd like to join BISG please go here).  

This working group was formed in March 2015, and is charged with conducting research to determine the interest among rights community stakeholders in a set of standards for rights terminology and transactions, to better understand how to meet the needs of the industry and the role of standards to ease friction in this area. 

Rights Standards Working Group Chair: Ashley Mabbitt, Director of International Rights, John Wiley & Sons



BISG Resources for Authors & Agents:


The BISAC Subject Headings List, also known as the BISAC Subject Codes List, is a standard used by many companies throughout the supply chain to categorize books based on topical content. The Subject Heading applied to a book can determine where the work is shelved in a brick and mortar store or the genre(s) under which it can be searched for in an internal database.

The complete BISAC Subject Headings List is available online at no cost for one-to-one look-up [you can view that here]. You may also request an End Users' License to download versions of the Subject Headings List in Excel, PDF and Word for unlimited use or for incorporation in your company's internal databases.

Audience Codes

Used to pinpoint the intended reader of a book. Click here to view more. 

Field Guide to Fonts for E-Books

The use of custom fonts in digital books has begun to show promise, but as this guide explains, ensuring your custom fonts will display correctly on the myriad of devices and reading systems available to consumers takes thought and careful planning. BISG's Content Structure Committee created the Field Guide to Fonts for E-Books to help designers make the bets choices when selecting and styling type for digital publications. 

Download the guide here.

ISBN Users' Manual

Published by the International ISBN Agency. Valid from January 2007 onward. Go to the ISBN Users' Manual here

Roadmap of Organizational Relationships

Developed as an educational tool portraying the relationships between key organizations important to the book industry, the Roadmap of Organizational Relationships provides a graphic presentation of the various organizations as they service. In an effort to upgrade and improve the Roadmap of Organizational Relationships, critique is encouraged. Please send all comments to

Download the guide here

Barcode Suppliers & Barcoding Guidelines

The following suppliers will make sure your barcodes and labels are correctly formatted to BISG's Barcoding Guidelines for the U.S. Book Industry.

Click on a name for more information.

Brea, CA

Bar Code Graphics, Inc.
Boca Raton, FL; Chicago, FL; Los Angeles, CA

Film Masters
Wadsworth, OH

Product Identification & Processing Systems, Inc.
New York, NY; Richmond, VA

Swing Labels, LLC
Shirley, MA

Learn more about Barcoding Guidelines here



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