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Commerce Standards and Optimization Working Group

The Commerce Standards & Optimization working group reviews, develops and promotes commerce processes and best practices within the book industry supply chain. Its work affects publishers, suppliers, trading partners and retailers. The working group is chaired by Ed Spade of Ingram Content Group.

Working Group Goals

  • Identify and define transactional standards (including but not limited to: ONIX, EDItX, XBITS, EDI, etc.) relevant to commerce-related processes

  • Create and publish a shared lexicon for emerging technologies and processes

  • Develop best practices for communicating data associated with the creation and delivery of books and book products across the supply chain

Why work on Commerce Standards & Optimization? 

Defining commerce-related standards and processes will ease pain points for publishers, suppliers, trading partners and retailers. Providing guidance to publishers on the delivery of content throughout the supply chain helps publishers align their processes with data and content recipients. Alignment enables more seamless integration with suppliers and downstream retail and trading partners, removing friction, lowering costs and improving both sales and the end-user experiences. 

What can you expect from our work? 

  • Updated transactional standards - Best Practices Document (2017) 


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