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Saying Thanks, But Not Farewell

Friday, June 21, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brian O'Leary, Executive Director

In 2017, BISG members approved a sweeping set of governance changes that among other things) established segment-specific Board seats, shortened Board terms, and limited the number of terms a Board member could serve. The changes were put in effect in mid-2018.

These bylaw changes took place on a Board led by Maureen McMahon (Kaplan
Publishing), whose executive committee consisted of immediate past chair Tara
Catogge (Quarto), vice chair Peter Balis (Wiley), treasurer Fran Toolan (Firebrand), and secretary Kempton Mooney (NPD Bookscan). To provide continuity, all five officers agreed to extend their service and serve an additional year, though the end of June 2019.

Following the election of new members at the April 2019 annual meeting, three of the officers (Tara Catogge, Peter Balis, and Fran Toolan) are retiring from
substantial service on the BISG Board. As well, two long-serving members of the Board, Kelly Gallagher (Ingram) and Dave Anderson (Kobo) have also elected to step aside. Each deserves more thanks than we can offer here, but we can start.

Tara Catogge has served on the BISG Board for the past decade, succeeding Ken Michaels (Macmillan Learning) as chair at a critical time for the organization. In 2016, she commissioned a review of BISG strategy, an effort led by Kelly Gallagher, whose work products continue to guide our efforts. In her time at both ReaderLink and now Quarto, Tara has been an enthusiastic supporter of BISG and its work, always finding the good in what we’ve tried to accomplish.

Peter Balis has also served on the BISG Board for the past decade, while also
maintaining commitments to organizations that included the IDPF. His strategic insight, digital understanding, and persistent willingness to challenge conventional wisdom have helped make BISG smarter and stronger in its planning and execution against strategic objectives.

Fran Toolan has stipulated that we may not reveal how long he has helped lead
BISG, but it’s safe to say that his active engagement dates to the later 1980s, when he helped develop a prototype for a standard report on rights and royalties. Since 2016, he has served on the executive committee as treasurer, a role that proved critical as BISG revamped its operations and restored its financial health. His long-term commitment to BISG makes Fran our institutional memory, a role we’ll still look for him to fill from time to time.

Kelly Gallagher has served on the BISG Board since 2000, a two-decade run during which he has provided strategic direction and industry support for the organization. He has always used his wealth of experiences to push BISG to deliver higher value, notably in a focused and highly successful 2016 effort to revamp the organization’s strategy, delivering the guidance we continue to use.

Finally, Dave Anderson joined the BISG Board almost five years ago, juggling the demands of his then-startup employer, Kobo, with a (slightly less) demanding set of BISG Board requests. Beyond his strategic insights, Dave has also offered support in a range of BISG programs, speaking on programs and helping to arrange the closing keynote at our most recent annual meeting.

We have five new members joining the Board next month, and we’ll introduce you to them as their terms start. For this moment, we’d like you to join us in saying thank you, and not farewell, to these five retiring members. We’ll miss their contributions on the Board, but we know they won’t be strangers to BISG.


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