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Accessible Publishing Working Group

The Accessible Publishing working group develops educational resources that promote best practices for accessibility in publishing. In 2019, the working group released an updated version of its "Guide to Accessibility".

Working Group Goals

The working group:

  • Promotes adoption of accessibility practices in a variety of ways, including continued dissemination of the BISG "Guide to Accessible Publishing". The Guide is actively promoted at publishing conferences and to international organizations.
  • When needed, works with the DAISY Consortium and Benetech to issue an updated edition of the "Guide to Accessibility" to incorporate developments in the topic area

Why work on accessibility?

Purchasing decisions in both K-12 and post-secondary institutions are increasingly contingent on compliance with accessibility standards. Libraries are also beginning to demand accessible ebooks. Retrofitting content and creating separate workflows and products are not economically viable ways of addressing accessibility.

The "Guide to Accessibility" offers publishers a way to create "born accessible" content. Publishers who follow the guidelines can streamline their workflows and enhance their content with features that benefit a wider audience. Ultimately, that grows the audience for published works, to the benefit of both producers and consumers.

What can you expect to see from our work? 

  • Webinars on accessibility
  • A BISG accessibility event 
  • An industry-wide survey on publishing practices and attitudes around accessibility

Working Group Products


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