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BISAC Suggestion

We're happy to pass any request for a BISAC change or addition to our Subject Codes Committee, which oversees maintenance of the BISAC lists, but please note the following general criteria used to assess changes and additions:

BISAC codes are generally added when they can apply to a range of existing titles from various publishers—we do not create BISAC Subject Headings that would be exclusive to any single publisher or don’t already have a body of content that would benefit from such classification.

With that in mind, if you wish to suggestion a change, please also provide examples of ISBNs from multiple publishers that would benefit from the new code. We look for at least 100 unique editions (ISBNs) of titles that could be assigned the new BISAC. You don’t need to provide 100 on your own, but please do provide enough samplesa dozen or so would be a good startto help us in our own research.

If your request meets the above criteria, please send along example ISBNs and we will pass your suggestions to the Chair of the Subject Codes Committee.

To submit a suggestion, please fill out this Survey Monkey.


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