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Content Structure Committee

BISG's Content Structure Committee identifies, recommends and develops best practices for representing book content, whether destined for print or digital output and delivery. The committee is chaired by Bill Kasdorf of Apex CoVantage.

Committee Goals

The committee is working to:

  • Continue to advance the implementation of EPUB 3 by publishers and reading systems
  • Promote the adoption of the EPUB for Education profile
  • Educate and advocate for approaches that make editorial content accessible for all consumers

Why does BISG work on Content Structure?

The entire publishing ecosystem works best when all stakeholders are aligned with key standards that facilitate interoperability. Alignment streamlines workflows (individual participants shouldn't have to reinvent the infrastructure), results in a better experience for users, and generally increases the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of supply-chain participants. The Content Structure committee identifies key standards and works collaboratively to better inform the publishing supply chain about how to prepare for and take advantage of these standards. 

What can you expect to see from our work? 

  • An update to the "Quick Start" guide to accessibility
  • An update to and related webinar explaining the EPUB 3 Grid 
  • An update of the "Getting Started with EPUB for Education" publication 
  • A project to research opportunities and obstacles encountered when implementing accessibility in publishers' workflows 

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