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Guides include BISG's Guidelines, Field Guides, and Quick Start Guides. Our guides are created by committees and working groups, most of which come from Supply Chain, Content Structure, and Metadata!

New! BISG Guide to Accessible Publishing & Cheat Sheets

The 2019 version of the Guide was revised to include an extensive "Resources" section, as well as updated definitions, examples, and accessibility best practices. The "Cheat Sheet" section allows for at-a-glance referencing and bite-sized facts to facilitate conversation and educational opportunities. This is a living document, so be sure to check back for new revisions!

Guide to Identifiers 

Formerly known as the Roadmap of Identifiers, this document was developed as an educational tool for understanding the relationships between key identifiers used throughout all sectors of the publishing industry, and include the various identifiers across the spectrum of intellectual
properties—digital, physical and abstract.

Field Guide to Fonts for Ebooks 

In the fast moving world of digital content, one hot-button issue is the creation of static, fixed ebook "pages" called fixed layout. The popularity of fixed-layout ebooks is growing, but many people are still unsure why and when fixed layout is a good idea. To make matters worse, there is no single standard for creating fixed-layout products and information on creating them is rapidly changing and sometimes hard to find.

Field Guide to Fixed Layouts  

The use of custom fonts in digital books has begun to show promise, but as this guide explains, ensuring your custom fonts will display correctly on the myriad of devices and reading systems available to consumers takes thought and careful planning. BISG's Content Structure Committee created the Field Guide to Fonts for Ebooks to help designers make the best choices when selecting and styling type for digital publications.

Guidelines for Pallet Header Labeling 

Used mostly by publishers who are unable to send pallet-level ASNs and customers unable to receive them, the Pallet Header should be considered an intermediary step for use until trading partners are capable of sending/receiving pallet level ASNs. These guidelines provide a succinct and uniform way for publishers to communicate to their customers the contents on each pallet.

Guidelines for Shipping Container Labeling 

Recommended standard practices to simplify the capture of data at all stages of shipping, warehousing and receiving and align the book industry with global trade. 

Barcoding Guidelines for the US Book Industry  

Barcoding Guidelines for the US Book Industry is an online resource of barcoding best practices developed and revised through BISG's Machine Readable Coding Committee. 


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