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Industry Resources

BISG is committed to providing the industry with resources that will help reduce costs and increase efficiencies across the supply chain through our committee work and our development of standards & best practices.

Barcodes & Labels

BISG recommends barcoding and labeling guidelines for product barcodes (Bookland EAN & U.P.C), Shipping Labels, and Pallet Headers. See below for more information.


Guides include BISG's Guidelines, Field Guides, and Quick Start Guides. Our guides are created by committees and working groups, most of which come from Supply Chain, Content Structure, and Metadata!


Through BISG's Metadata Committee, BISG supplies best practices in various uses of Metadata, including ONIX, Product Metadata, Keyword Metadata, and more.

Tool Kits

Tool Kits include EDItX XML Documents, BISG Sales & Tax Reports, Standardized Template for Co-op Sales Reporting, Publisher Campaigns, and Bookseller Campaigns. 

EPUB & Digital Content 

BISG develops industry-wide best practices that support the production, distribution, marketing, sale, discovery, and use of content in digital form. Also included in this section is further information on accessibility for digital forms. 

White Papers

An important initiative from the BISG committees and working groups is creating white papers on researches and studies they have conduct, in order to better inform the publishing industry as a whole.


Identifiers identify products so they can be ordered, tracked, and sold. BISG provides research and best practice recommendations for the use and maintenance of book industry identifiers such as ISBN, DOI, EAN, ISTC, ISNI, etc. 


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