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Identifiers identify products so they can be ordered, tracked, and sold. BISG provides research and best practice recommendations for the use and maintenance of book industry identifiers such as ISBN, DOI, EAN, ISTC, ISNI, etc.

Many of the resources below are provided thanks to the work of BISG's Identification Committee

Best Practices for Identifying Digital Content

This BISG Policy Statement on recommendations for identifying digital products is applicable to content intended for distribution to the general public in North America but could be applied elsewhere as well. The objective of this Policy Statement is to clarify best practices and outline responsibilities in the assignment of ISBNs to digital products in order to reduce both confusion in the market place, and the possibility of errors. This Policy Statement was initially published in December 2011. BISG always intended to revise the Statement from time to time in order to keep up with the ever evolving digital market place. To this end, a revised version was published in February 2013.

ISBN Users' Manual 

Published by the International ISBN Agency. Valid from January 2007 onward. Go to the ISBN Users' Manual

Guide to Identifiers 

The BISG Educational Taxonomy is a controlled list of key terms used to describe a publication’s intended learning outcomes, regardless of alignment with any formal educational standards, such as the Common Core.

Roadmap of Organizational Relationships 

The BISG ONIX 3.0 Implementation Grid is intended to provide up-to-date information for ONIX data providers and recipients in the United States about their trading partners' status and plans for implementing ONIX 3.0, and to serve as an industry resource for anyone interested in tracking the U.S. market's migration from ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0.

A Concise Guide to Book Industry Product Identifiers 

First published in August 2005, this short PDF document defines and attempts to standardize the nomenclature surrounding product identification.

The Identification of Digital Book Content

Although there are strong similarities between the identification needs of physical books and of digital book content in the supply chain, new business models and new delivery channels challenge existing practices. There is a pressing need for clarity on the use of standards for the identification and description of digital products. 


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