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The preferred electronic method for communicating structured product metadata between trading partners in the book industry (including title, author, ISBN, price, availability, reviews, territorial rights, etc.) is ONIX.

Through BISG's Metadata Committee, BISG supplies the U.S. contribution to this important international data standard. It is also thanks to the Metadata Committee that we are able to provide the following resources:

Best Practices for Keywords in Metadata

Best Practices for Keywords in Metadata: Guide for North American Data Senders and Receivers provides guidance on how best to utilize keywords in ONIX metadata to maximize the opportunities for book product discovery by consumers.

Product Metadata Best Practices 

Best Practices for Product Metadata provides detailed instructions on improving the accuracy of product data throughout the supply chain in order to increase efficiency between trading partners, and to make content more discoverable.

The Development, Use, and Modification of Book Product Metadata 

Success in book publishing continues to rely extensively on the consistent preparation and use of product metadata. As digital products continue to grow and evolve, this is true now more than ever.

ONIX 3.0 Implementation Grid

The BISG ONIX 3.0 Implementation Grid is intended to provide up-to-date information for ONIX data providers and recipients in the United States about their trading partners' status and plans for implementing ONIX 3.0, and to serve as an industry resource for anyone interested in tracking the U.S. market's migration from ONIX 2.1 to ONIX 3.0.

Agency Terms in ONIX

Developments in the marketplace for digital products have led to (a) the introduction of an "agency" model for the distribution of such products through the retail supply chain, and (b) an awareness of the need to deliver complete and accurate information to the supply chain about all aspects of the terms of supply that are applicable in a particular territory at a particular stage of a product life-cycle.

Audience Codes 

Used to pinpoint the intended reader of a book

Educational Taxonomy

The BISG Educational Taxonomy is a controlled list of key terms used to describe a publication’s intended learning outcomes, regardless of alignment with any formal educational standards, such as the Common Core.

ONIX for Books

ONIX for Books is the international standard for representing and communicating product information in electronic form.


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