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The working group identifies relationships between key ONIX elements and, the working standard for how content is structured on the web. The work is expected to provide enhanced discoverability of books in web browsers. The working group is also creating an ONIX to mapping to facilitate the ability to repurpose ONIX metadata. The working group is chaired by Graham Bell of EDItEUR. 

Working Group Goals

  • Produce a map linking industry-standard ONIX metadata and markup, so that publishers and retailers can more easily use to support product discovery

  • Deliver a webinar and tutorial to demonstrate the value of the map and show how it can help avoid the need to manage metadata separately from existing metadata

    Why work on

    Adherence to the requirements of can improve search rankings and online discovery. Publishers and retailers, as well as authors and libraries, can use the ONIX to map to drive higher rankings in online searches.

    What can you expect from our work? 

    • A map of ONIX to

    • A tutorial and webinar illustrating its use and value

    • Documentation of the tutorial and mapping to

    Working Group Products

    • Coming in January 2017


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