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Supply Chain Committee

BISG's Supply Chain Committee works to increase the efficiency of book manufacturing and distribution processes. The committee investigates issues and formulates new approaches or enhances existing approaches to identified supply-chain challenges. The committee is chaired by Rebecca Burgoyne of United Methodist Publishing House.

Committee Goals

The committee is currently working to:

  • Identify and provide relevant solutions for book industry supply-chain pain points

  • Examine the impact of new technologies, standards and processes on the supply chain

  • Develop surveys, research and white papers on supply-chain trends

  • Collaborate with other industry organizations to create useful documents and solutions

Why work on Supply Chain?

Our work improves the communication of product data and specifications across the supply chain. This provides benefits in at least three ways:

  • Understanding trends helps publishers, retailers and manufacturers better plan products and inventory availability

  • Understanding technologies supports development of more accurate forecasting tools

  • Standards help publishers and retailers coordinate and comply with best practices.


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