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Tool Kits

EDItX XML Documents & BISG Sales & Tax Reports 

The EDItX XML document formats mirror and extend the functionality of existing X12, TRADACOMS and EDIFACT messages. Revised BISG Sales and Tax Reports were published in December 2012. 

Standardized Template for Co-op Sales Reporting   

Published in July 2012, this standardized template is intended to facilitate automated reporting of co-op eligible sales between wholesalers and publishers.

The Standardized Template for Co-op Sales Reporting is a simplified and standardized set of data elements and recommended best practices to be used by wholesalers to report co-op sales to retailers and, in turn, to publishers. Through use of this template, publishers will gain efficiency in the processing of numerous co-op reports, resulting in a faster turnaround time back to the wholesalers and more accurate forecasting of co-op pools. 

Publisher Campaigns

Publishers are initiating a wide variety of mobile commerce promotional campaigns. Some of these campaigns are strictly promotional, offering access to content such as author biographies, reviews of a title, and excerpts. Other campaigns also provide a means for the consumer to purchase a book or ebook.

Booksellers Campaigns 

Booksellers have begun providing customers with information and opportunities to make purchases using mobile commerce. The campaigns presented here were developed by mcLean & Eakin Booksellers of Petosky, Michigan, using the American Bookseller Association’s Indie Commerce program.

FTP File Naming Standard

The FTP File Naming Standard helps book industry trading partners transmit and receive various files via FTP safely and efficiently. This is accompanied by manipulating the name to indicate file contents and state.


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