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White Papers

Exploring Open Access eBook Usage

In May 2019, BISG published a white paper on ways to improve industry understanding of how open access content is discovered, consumed, and cited. Among several recommendations, the white paper called for creation of a "data trust" to help improve data quality and completeness while lowering the cost of tracking this data.

Introduction to Mobile Commerce 

This section provides a brief summary of mobile commerce for those not familiar with the concept. An example is presented, illustrating the process of a consumer with a smartphone obtaining information about a new novel.

Three Approaches to Mobile Commerce 

Mobile commerce is still very much in the try-and-see stage in North America, and a number of approaches are being explored. This open environment is fertile for innovation, but widespread adoption has been somewhat constrained because both technical and procedural standards are still evolving.

QR Codes and Other Symbologies 

This section describes bar code symbols frequently encountered in mobile commerce campaigns. Properties and typical applications for each are listed. One symbology, the QR Code, is widely and successfully employed. The term is often used as a generic for matrix bar code, but this usage is incorrect and should be avoided. 

All symbologies include have been specified as international standards. Although other symbologies are in active use, it is strongly recommended that only symbologies recognized as international standards be chosen for a campaign.

Application Considerations

This section identifies significant factors to consider in designing mobile device applications and campaigns for mobile commerce. Because of the still evolving nature of mobile commerce and the opportunities for new ways of communicating to consumers and other parties, development standards are practices as such as still limited. There are, however, genera considerations that have already proven to be important in good design.


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