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ONIX 3.0 Resources

ONIX 3.0 

Timeline ONIX 2.1

  • 2008 – Development of ONIX 3.0 begun
  • April 2009 – ONIX 3.0 released by EDItEUR, with an update in Oct 2010 after a "proof of concept implementation”
    • Minor update versions with optional (and fully backward-compatible) additions released Jan 2012, Jan 2014, Apr 2016, Oct 2017, Oct 2018, Apr 2019, and Oct 2019
  • October 2011 – International steering committee decision on sunset and agreement of timetable
  • Jan 2012 – public announcement of sunset plans. The stated intent was to ensure ONIX users had three years to plan, budget and implement the migration. Many orgs and even entire national supply chains did this (e.g. Sweden, Japan…) while others did little
  • Jan 2015 – sunset of support for ONIX 2.1, but codelists used by 2.1 continued to be fully supported for one extra year with ‘twilight’ updates, primarily at BISG request. Twilight support in codelists Issues 29–32 resulted in addition of around a dozen new codes to these ONIX 2.1-only codelists
  • Jan 2016 – end of twilight support for ONIX 2.1 codelists, but codelists used by 2.1 continued to receive updates where those codelists are also used by 3.0. Post-twilight ("moonlight") updates of shared codelists in Issues 33–36 resulted in around two dozen new codes that are potentially usable in 2.1
  • Jan 2017 – ("midnight") all codelists used by 2.1 are frozen, including those shared with 3.0. Issue 37 in April 2017 isbe the first where this freezing of the codelists for ONIX 2.1 is apparent (issues 37 and later are not useable with ONIX 2.1)
  • Beyond Jan 2017 – ONIX 2.1 still usable with issue 36 codelists (or earlier)


EDItEUR Introduction to ONIX 3.0 (pdf)

EDItEUR ONIX 3.0 specification and best practice guide (currently with code lists issue 47) (zip file)

ONIX Acknowledgement Specification (zip file)

EDItEUR archive of ONIX 2.1 specification (with code lists issue 36)

BIC Bite Migrating from 2.1 to 3.0


BNC webcast Migrating from 2.1 to 3.0

Nielsen recent study on value of enhanced metadata in US

Nielsen study UK version 


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